8in M1 GUN

8in M1 GUN
Image: 8in M1 Gun (US Army Photo
YearJanuary 1944
Weapon Type[@type]
Origin & Designer[@designer]
Numbers Produced139
CrewSergeant/Section Chief + .30 cal M1 Rifle.
Corporal/Gunner + .30 cal M1 Carbine.
Pvt/Assistant Gunner + .30 cal M1 Carbine.
8 x Pvts/Cannoneers + .30 cal M1 Carbines.
Pvt/Gun Mechanic + .30 cal M1 Carbine.
Corporal/Ammunition + .30 cal M1 Carbine.
9 x Pvts/Ammunition Bearers + .30 cal M1 Carbines.
2 x Pvt/Drivers (Towing Vehicles) + .30 cal M1 Rifles w/M7 Grenade Launchers.
Elevation-10° to +50°
BreechInterrupted Screw
Gun SightM12
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
CarriageM1: Split Trail
Gun Shield[@gun_shield]
Armoured Plate[@armoured_plate]
Barrel Length10.160mm (L/50)
Overall Length[@length]
WeightWeight in Transit: Two Loads - 22.276 kg (Barrel) 21.273 kg (Carriage)
Weight in Action: 31.434 kg
Round WeightHE (M103) 109.03 kg.
Bagged Charge 48 kg.
Muzzle Velocity870 m/s
Magazine Capacity[@magazine_capacity]
Practical Rate of Fire[@practical_rate_of_fire]
Rate of Fire1 r.p.m.
Maximum Rate of Fire[@maximum_rate_of_fire]
Maximum Ceiling[@maximum_ceiling]
Maximum Ground Range[@maximum_ground_range]
Maximum Range32.000m
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
TractionMotorised (M6, M33, M34 & M35 Tractors)
NotesThe M1 gun shared a similar carriage to the M1 240mm howitzer and was introduced in the same year but not standardized until early 1944. The M1 gun had a greater range than the M1 240mm howitzer but suffered from excess barrel erosion. The first guns were sent to Italy and used in the counter battery role. It also served in Northern Europe and the in the Philippines.