German Artillery

During the interwar period German army was still using the old 75mm FK 16 and 150mm sFH 13/02. By 1939 they decided to equip their artillery regiments with new 105mm and 150mm howitzers. Infantry regiments had gun companies with 75mm and 150mm infantry guns and anti-tank platoons were issued with the 37mm PaK 36. Heavy guns and howitzers were kept a corps level. The Germans also developed a series of rocket launchers. Known as Nebelwerfers these fired a range of projectiles with calibres of 150mm, 210mm 280mm and 300mm.

German anti-tank guns grew from the light 37mm PaK 36 to the useful 50mm PaK 38 and eventually the excellent 75mm PaK 40.

Anti-aircraft units were issued with 20mm, 37mm light flak cannons and heavier 88mm guns. The 88mm turned out to be a very effective tank killer and was even used in an artillery role.