17cm KANONE 18

17cm KANONE 18
Image: 17cm K18
YearApril 1941
Weapon TypeHeavy Gun
Origin & DesignerGermany/Krupp
Numbers Produced338
Elevation-6° to +50°
BreechHorizontal Block
RecoilDuel Recoil Hydropneumatic
Gun Sight[@gun_sight]
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
CarriageBox Trail (Mörserlafette)
Gun Shield[@gun_shield]
Armoured Plate[@armoured_plate]
Barrel Length8.100mm (L/50)
Overall Length12.80m
WeightWeight in Traction: 23.520 kg (Whole or in Two Parts)
Weight in Action: 17.520 kg
Round Weight62.6 kg
Muzzle Velocity925 m/s
Magazine Capacity[@magazine_capacity]
Practical Rate of Fire[@practical_rate_of_fire]
Rate of Fire1 r.p.m.
Maximum Rate of Fire[@maximum_rate_of_fire]
Maximum Ceiling[@maximum_ceiling]
Maximum Ground Range[@maximum_ground_range]
Maximum Range29.600m
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
TractionMotorised (Sd.Kfz 8)
NotesThe 170mm K18 was a heavy gun which was developed for long range counter battery fire. It was issued at Corps level and turn out to be one of the best weapons of its class. The gun was mounted on the same carriage as the heavy 210mm Mrs 18 and could be traversed 360 degrees. It fired a heavy shell which had the same explosive power as the round fired by the larger 210mm. It could be either broken down into two loads or kept whole for transport over short distances. It was well respected by the allies who treated any captured guns as prize possessions and duly turned them on their previous owners. It was first introduced in 1941 and served out the war.