Write for us

Would you like to write for Quartermaster Section? We offer the opportunity for aspiring and established writers and bloggers to write for us. To complement our wealth of information on the weapons and armies of the World War, we want to showcase the stories, the battles and the people that made them famous. That is why we need you! There is no on-going commitment, you can be one and done or you can write for us long term. We only allow promotional posts for people looking to team up on something reciprocal.

Who can guest post for us?

Anyone that we feel is the right fit, we will give the opportunity to guest post for us. Even if you are in the same space as us, we may be able to work together on something. If you are in the gaming, porn, or other related industries, please do not apply.

Do we pay for posts?

We do not pay for posts. We provide all the information on our site free of charge and feel that blog posts should be the same. People love to read the true stories of the war to learn and for research purposes, so let’s make sure everyone has access.

What kind of blog posts are we looking for?

High quality, well researched, long form, original content, that is appropriately cited and linked. We do not want quick, sloppily put together posts, that add little value to our readers and potential readers.

What do you get out of it?

We will gladly let you include a link to the site of your choice and a bio link. We will not accept anything that is overly promotional.

Blog Post Requirements

  • 1000+ words – We’re not super strict on this but to cover a battle, story or anything from the war, we think there is enough detail to go into, to get over 1000 words and make it as in-depth as possible.
  • No minimum or maximum of links out to appropriate reference, but nothing overly promotional in nature.
  • Try to include images where possible and cite any sources. If you feel like a hand drawn image gets your point across better, for example explaining tactics, that is totally fine but please use high res images only.
  • When submitting a post please include a bio. Tell us about yourself, introduce yourself to our readers, tell them what makes your posts worth reading.
  • Spread the word – We want as many writers sharing their stories of the war and the weapons, armies and tanks & tactics that were used, so please spread the word, share your post on social media and let any other budding writers know about our site.