2nd Cavalry Division

2nd Cavalry Division


Constituted 20 August 1921 as the 2nd Cavalry Division.
Activated 1 April 1941 at Fort Riley, Kansas.
Inactivated 15 July 1942 at Fort Riley, Kansas.
Activated 25 February 1943 at Fort Clark, Texas.
Inactivated 10 May 1944 in North Africa.


Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Cavalry Division
35th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
162nd Engineer Squadron
3rd Medical Squadron
20th Quartermaster Squadron
2nd Signal Troop
114th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 4th Cavalry Brigade
9th Cavalry Regiment
10th Cavalry Regiment
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 5th Cavalry Brigade
27th Cavalry Regiment
28th Cavalry Regiment
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery
77th Field Artillery Battalion
79th Field Artillery Battalion
159th Field Artillery Battalion

NOTE: This division did not see any combat and was inactivated in North Africa immediately after it came ashore, and its personnel used either as replacements or to form rear area support units required in Theatre.