27th Infantry Division (New York)

27th Infantry Division (New York)


Constituted 9 February 1898 as the New York Division, and activated at Albany, New York.
Inactivated 1 April 1898 at Albany, New York.
Activated 23 June 1908 at Albany, New York.
Redesignated 28 June 1916 as the 6th Division, and ordered into active federal service at New York, New York.
Relieved from active federal service 23 December 1916 at New York, New York.
Ordered into active federal service 16 July 1917 at Camp Whitman, New York.
Redesignated 1 October 1917 as the 27th Division.
Inactivated 1 April 1919 at Camp Upton, New York.
Activated 23 December 1921 with headquarters at New York, New York.
Ordered into active federal service 15 October 1940.
Reorganized and redesignated 1 October 1942 as the 27th Infantry Division.
Inactivated 31 December 1945 at Fort Lawton, Washington.
Activated 21 April 1947 with headquarters at Albany, New York.


Major General Ralph C. Smith - Assumed command November 1942
Major General George W. Griner Jr. - Assumed command June 1944


Headquarters, 27th Infantry Division
Headquarters Company, 27th Infantry Division
27th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop
102nd Engineer Combat Battalion
105th Infantry Regiment
106th Infantry Regiment
165th Infantry Regiment
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery
104th Field Artillery Battalion
105th Field Artillery Battalion
106th Field Artillery Battalion
249th Field Artillery Battalion
Headquarters, Special Troops
102nd Medical Battalion
727th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
27th Signal Company
27th Quartermaster Company


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