1st Armored Division (Old Ironsides)

1st Armored Division (Old Ironsides)


Constituted 16 January 1932 as the 7th Cavalry Brigade.
Activated 1 March 1932 at Fort Knox, Kentucky.
Reorganized and redesignated 15 July 1940 as the 1st Armored Division.
Inactivated 25 April 1946 at New York, New York.


Major General Orlando Ward - Assumed command March 1942
Major General Ernest N. Harmon - Assumed command April 1943
Major General Vernon E. Prichard - Assumed command July 1944


Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Armored Division
81st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
16th Armored Engineer Battalion
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Command A, 1st Armored Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Command B, 1st Armored Division
Headquarters, Reserve Command, 1st Armored Division
1st Tank Battalion
4th Tank Battalion
13th Tank Battalion
6th Armored Infantry Battalion
11th Armored Infantry Battalion
14th Armored Infantry Battalion
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery
27th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
68th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
91st Armored Field Artillery Battalion
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Division Trains
47th Armored Medical Battalion
123rd Armored Ordnance Battalion
141st Armored Signal Company