DODGE 1 ½ TON 6x6 TRUCK WC-62 & WC-63. (G-507) PERSONNEL & CARGO

DODGE 1 ½ TON 6x6 TRUCK WC-62 & WC-63. (G-507) PERSONNEL & CARGO
Image: WC-63 (Now and Then 1944 & 2007)
Vehicle Type[@type]
Origin & Designer[@designer]
Numbers Produced43.278 (Both Models)
Crew2 (Driver & Assistant Driver)
Armament1 x .50 M2HB Heavy Machine Gun
Ammunition Carried[@ammunition_carried]
Pay Load1.500 kg
Towed Load1.500 kg
Weight3.120 kg (WC-2) 3.250 kg (WC-63)
Length5.46m (WC-62) 5.72m (WC-63)
Ground Clearance0.27m
Fording Depth0.76m
Obstacle Clearance[@obstacle_clearance]
Climbing Ability30°
EngineDodge T223 SV (Petrol)
Transmission4 x Forward & 1 x Reverse
Maximum Road Range240 miles (386 km)
Maximum Cross Country Range[@maximum_cross_country_range]
Maximum Road Speed50 mph (80 kph)
Maximum Road Speed + Trailer[@maximum_road_speed_trailer]
Maximum Cross Country Speed[@maximum_cross_country_speed]
Maximum Road Towing Speed[@maximum_road_towing_speed]
NotesThe G-507 series of trucks were designed to carry a heavier load then the lighter G-502s and were adapted to carry out a multitude of roles including personnel carriers, anti-tank gun tractors and cargo carriers. The main difference between the two models is the addition of a MU2 Winch on the WC.63 which not only made it heavier but longer.