10th Armoured Division

10th Armoured Division

1st August 1941
Disbanded 15th June 1944

1st Cavalry Division
1st Line and Yeomanry [Territorial Army]

Service Record:

Operations and Campaigns:
Western Desert

Unit Structure 1941 to 1944:

Divisional Staff:

Commanding Officers:
Major General J. Clark (1st August 1941)
Major General A. Gatehouse (26th June 1942)
Major General C. Norman (18th December 1942)
Major General H. Birks (12th January 1943)


5th Cavalry Brigade (1st August 1941 to 1st June 1942)
Brigadier K.F.W Dunn (8th October 1940)
Lieutenant Colonel W.L. Wilson (16th September 1941)
Lieutenant Colonel D.E. Williams (22nd September 1941)
Colonel C.H. Galsford St Lawrence (27th September 1941)
Brigadier C.H. Galsford St Lawrence (3rd January 1942)
Brigadier C.E.L. Harris (23rd April 1942)
The Cheshire Yeomanry (21st March to 7th June 1941 & 15th July to 21st March 1942)
The North Somerset Yeomanry (20th March 1941 to 20th March 1942)
Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry (3rd September 1939 to 18th March 1942)

8th Armoured Brigade (1st August 1941 to 16th February 1942 & 27th March to 30th June 1942 & 17th July to 21st November 1942)
Brigadier L.S. Lloyd (1st August 1941)
Colonel R.C. Cooney (2nd October 1941)
Brigadier E.C.N Custance (21st October 1941)
Royal Scots Greys (1st August 1941 to 30th June 1942)
Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (1st August 1941 to 15th June August 1944)
The Staffordshire Yeomanry (1st August 1941 to 13th February 1944)

9th Armoured Brigade (9th October 1941 to 25th March 1942 & 14 November 1942 to 27th May 1943)
Brigadier J.E.G. Tiarks (3rd August 1941)
Brigadier J.C. Currie (22nd April 1942)
Brigadier M.G. Roddick (1st March 1943)
1st Household Cavalry Regiment (3rd August 1941 to 9th October 1941)
Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (3rd August 1941 to 27th May 1943)
The Warwickshire Yeomanry (3rd August 1941 to 27th May 1943)

7th Armoured Brigade (3rd June 1943 to 11th April 1944)
Brigadier J.H. Anstice (9th December 1941)
Colonel C.H. Gurney (24th September 1943)
Brigadier O.L. Prior-Palmer (12th November 1943)
2nd Royal Tank Brigade (16th April to 10th July 1941 & 6th September 1941 to 31st August 1945)
6th Royal Tank Brigade (8th June 1941 to 24th January 1942 & 30th December 1942 to 8th June 1944 & 24th June to 20th August 1944 & 16th September 1944 to 31st August 1945)
14th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (9th January 1943 to 4th October 1944)

23rd Armoured Brigade (1st June 1944 to 14th June 1944)
Brigadier R.H.B. Arkwright (23rd July 1943 to September 1944)
40th Royal Tank Regiment (1st November 1940 to 2nd September 1944)
50th Royal Tank Regiment (1st November 1940 to 2nd September 1944)
11th Royal Rifle Corps (4th November 1942 to 2nd September 1944)

7th Motor Brigade (12th September to 23rd September 1942)
Commander: T.J.B. Bosville (4th July 1942 to 28th April 1943)
2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps (9th February to 18th December 1942)
7th Rifle Brigade (11th August 1942 to 1st July 1943)

133rd Lorried Infantry Brigade (29th September to 25th November 1942)
Lieutenant Colonel L.G. Whistler (24th August 1942)
Brigadier A.W. Lee (3rd September 1942)
2nd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
4th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
5th Battalion (Cinque Ports), Royal Sussex Regiment

201st Guards Motor Brigade (9th January to 1st February 1943)
Commander: Brigadier Colvin (27th November 1942 to 5th January 1945)
3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards (25th August 1942 to 23rd June 1943)
2nd Battalion, Scots Guards (25th August 1942 to 27th June 1943)
6th Battalion, Grenadier Guards (7th October 1942 to 17th November 1944)

Divisional Troops:

Armoured Division Signals (Royal Corps of Signals)
10th Armoured Divisional Signals Regiment (RCA)

Royal Artillery:
1st Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery (13th September 1942 to 27th May 1943 & 13th November 1943 to 25th April 1944)
14th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery (3rd June to 8th November 1943)
104th (Essex Yeomanry) Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery (27th September 1942 to 3rd May 1944)
98th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (19th September to 29th December 1942)
84th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery (13th September 1942 to 20th May 1944)
53rd (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (2nd September to 2nd November 1942)
101st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (11th November 1943 to 30th May 1944)

Royal Engineers:
2nd Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (21st November 1941 to 10th June 1943)
3rd Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (22nd September 1942 to 15th May 1944)
622nd Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (11th June 1943 to 31st May 1944)
141st Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers (20th November 1941 to 1st April 1944)
6th Bridging Troop, Royal Engineers (20th November 1943 to 1st April 1944)

1st Household Cavalry Regiment (9th October 1941 to 13th March 1942 & 14th January 1943 to 5th November 1943)
2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry (21st August to 10th September 1942)
1st The Royal Dragoons (22nd September to 31st October 1942)
7th Queen's Own Hussars (5th November 1943 to 25th April 1944)