AMD 80am (Auto-Mitrailleuse de Découverte)

AMD 80am (Auto-Mitrailleuse de Découverte)
Image: AMD 80am (Aviarmor)
Vehicle TypeLight 4x2 Armoured Car
Origin & DesignerFrance/Laffly
Numbers Produced28
Crew4 (Commander, Gunner, Assistant Driver & Driver)
Main Armament1 x 13.2mm Hotchkiss Modèle 1930 Heavy Machine Gun
Main Armament[@sponson_traverse]
Elevation-12° to +14°
Turret Traverse360° (Manual)
Gun Traverse[@gun_traverse]
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
Maximum Range[@maximum_range]
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
Gun Sight[@gun_sight]
Secondary Armament1 x 7.5mm MAC mle 1931 Machine Gun
Smoke Discharger[@smoke_discharger]
Ammunition Carried1.690 x 13.2mm & 1.900 x 7.5mm
Combat Weight7.500 kg
Ground Clearance0.33m
Fording Depth0.70m
Trench Crossing0.60m
Obstacle Clearance0.20m
Climbing Ability40°
ArmourHull Front: 20mm
Hull Sides: 12mm
Hull Rear: 12mm
Hull Top: 7mm
Hull Bottom: 7mm
Turret Front: 20mm
Turret Sides: 12mm
Turret Rear: 10mm
Turret Top: 7mm
EngineLaffly 4-Cyl (Petrol)
Transmission4 Forward & 4 Reverse
Maximum Road Range400 km
Maximum Cross Country Range222 km
Maximum Water Range[@maximum_water_range]
Maximum Road Speed80 kph
Maximum Cross Country Speed33 kph
Maximum Water Speed[@maximum_water_speed]
NotesServed mainly in Africa and saw action with Free French Forces.