Image: Ka-Chi (Wikipedia)
Vehicle TypeLight Amphibious Tank
Origin & Designer[@designer]
Numbers Produced19
Crew6 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Mechanic, Radio Operator & Driver)
Main Armament1 x Type 1 47mm L/48 Gun
Main Armament[@sponson_traverse]
Elevation-15° to +20°
Turret Traverse360° (Manual)
Gun Traverse[@gun_traverse]
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
Maximum Range[@maximum_range]
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
Gun SightTelescopic
Secondary Armament2 x Type 97 7.7mm Machine Guns (Coaxial & Bow)
Smoke Discharger[@smoke_discharger]
Ammunition Carried121 x 47mm & 4.200 x 7.7mm
Length10.30m (With Floats)
Combat Weight28.700 kg (With Floats)
Ground Clearance0.36m
Fording DepthFloats
Trench Crossing[@trench_crossing]
Obstacle Clearance[@obstacle_clearance]
Climbing Ability35°
RadioType 96 Mk. 4
ArmourHull Front: 50mm
Hull Sides: 15mm
Hull Rear: 8mm
Hull Top: 8mm
Hull Bottom: 10mm
Gun Mantle: 13mm
Turret Front: 50mm
Turret Sides: 25mm
Turret Rear: 25mm
Turret Top: 10mm
EngineMitsubishi Type 100 240 HP (Diesel)
Transmission4 Forward & 1 Reverse
Maximum Road Range319 km
Maximum Cross Country Range[@maximum_cross_country_range]
Maximum Water Range[@maximum_water_range]
Maximum Road Speed32 kph
Maximum Cross Country Speed10 kph
Maximum Water Speed10 kph
NotesThe Ka-Chi was a larger vehicle then the lighter Ka-Mi. It was based on a modified chassis of the Chi-He medium tank and utilised the same pontoon principle used on the Ka-Mi. It was armed with a 47mm gun and a two machine guns. It was only built in limited number and they were mainly stationed on the Japanese home islands but some reports say that some were used during the battle of Kwajalein.