Image: 7TP JW (Wikipedia)
Vehicle TypeLight Tank
Origin & DesignerPoland-Britain/PZInż-Vickers
Numbers Produced170
Crew3 (Commander/Gunner, Loader & Driver)
Main Armament1 x 37mm L/45 Wz.37 Gun
Main Armament[@sponson_traverse]
Elevation-5° to +29°
Turret Traverse360° (Manual)
Gun Traverse[@gun_traverse]
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
Maximum Range[@maximum_range]
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
Gun SightTelescopic
Secondary Armament1 x 7.92mm CKm Wz.30 Machine Gun
Smoke Discharger[@smoke_discharger]
Ammunition Carried80 x 37mm & 3.960 x 7.92mm
Combat Weight9.400 kg
Ground Clearance0.38m
Fording Depth1.0m
Trench Crossing3.12m
Obstacle Clearance0.61m
Climbing Ability35°
ArmourHull Front: 17mm (40mm Later)
Hull Sides: 13mm
Hull Rear: 8mm
Hull Top: 5mm
Hull Bottom: 9mm
Gun Mantle: 13mm
Turret Front: 15mm
Turret Sides: 15mm
Turret Rear: 15mm
Turret Top: 10mm
EngineSaurer VBLD-b (Diesel)
Transmission4 Forward & 1 Reverse
Maximum Road Range150 km
Maximum Cross Country Range130 km
Maximum Water Range[@maximum_water_range]
Maximum Road Speed37 kph
Maximum Cross Country Speed20 kph
Maximum Water Speed[@maximum_water_speed]
NotesThe 7TP JW was a gun version of the 7TP series and was the best Polish tank available in 1939. It had a single turret and armed with a 37mm gun, which was a version of the Bofors anti-tank gun which was the standard anti-tank gun at the time. Like the “DW” version the “JW” was issued to two light tank battalions and two independent light tank companies.