Image: Tancuri R-35 (Flames of War)
Vehicle TypeLight Tank
Origin & DesignerFrance/Renault
Numbers Produced75 (41 x from France and 34 x from Poland)
Crew2 (Commander/Gunner & Driver)
Main Armament1 x 37mm L/21 SA-18 Gun
Main Armament[@sponson_traverse]
Elevation-16° to +20°
Turret Traverse360° (Manual)
Gun Traverse[@gun_traverse]
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
Maximum Range[@maximum_range]
Armour Penetration[@armour_penetration]
Gun SightL7-13
Secondary Armament1 x 7.92mm ZB-30 Machine Gun
Smoke Discharger[@smoke_discharger]
Ammunition Carried58 x 37mm + 2.400 x 7.92mm
Combat Weight10.600 kg
Ground Clearance0.26m
Fording Depth0.80m
Trench Crossing2.0m
Obstacle Clearance0.34m
Climbing Ability23°
ArmourHull Front: 40mm
Hull Sides: 40mm
Hull Rear: 40mm
Hull Top: 14mm
Hull Bottom: 10mm
Gun Mantle: 40mm
Turret Front: 45mm
Turret Sides: 40mm
Turret Rear: 40mm
Turret Top: 12mm
EngineRenault 4-Cyl (Petrol)
Transmission4 Forward & 1 Reverse
Maximum Road Range138 km
Maximum Cross Country Range80 km
Maximum Water Range[@maximum_water_range]
Maximum Road Speed20 kph
Maximum Cross Country Speed11 kph
Maximum Water Speed[@maximum_water_speed]
NotesThe Romania army managed to purchase 41 Renault R-35 light tanks from France and these were supplemented with another 34 R-35s which had crossed the border to escape the German/Russian invasion of Poland. These vehicles had some minor modifications, which included changing the coaxial machine gun from 7.5mm (Châtellerault) to 7.92mm (ZB) and suspension. They equipped the 2nd tank regiment and were used in the infantry support role.