45mm M.1942 Anti-Tank Gun

45mm M.1942 Anti-Tank Gun
Image: 45mm M.1942 (Flames of War)
YearOctober 1941
Weapon TypeLight Anti-Tank Gun
Origin & DesignerRussia/Plant No.172
Numbers Produced10.843
Calibre45mm (45x310R)
Elevation-8° to +25°
BreechVertical Sliding Wedge
Gun SightPP-1 M.38
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
CarriageSplit Trail
Gun Shield7mm
Armoured Plate[@armoured_plate]
Barrel Length3.087mm (L/66)
Overall Length4.63m
WeightWeight in Traction: 1.250 kg
Weight in Action: 570 kg
Round WeightAP: 1.43 kg
HE: 2.14 kg
Muzzle Velocity835 m/s
Magazine Capacity[@magazine_capacity]
Practical Rate of Fire[@practical_rate_of_fire]
Rate of Fire15-20 r.p.m.
Maximum Rate of Fire[@maximum_rate_of_fire]
Maximum Ceiling[@maximum_ceiling]
Maximum Ground Range[@maximum_ground_range]
Maximum Range4.550m
Armour Penetration57mm @ 90° @ 500m
TractionHorse Drawn & Motorized
NotesThe 45mm 53-K anti-tank gun was derived from the 37mm 1-K, and was rechambered to fire the larger round. It was an adequate weapon for the period and could knock out the early models of panzer, but once the Germans started to up-armour their tanks, the gun was found inadequate. It was issued to anti-tank units at battalion and divisional level, with others issued to independent anti-tank regiments.