57mm M.1943 Anti-Tank Gun (ZIS-2)

57mm M.1943 Anti-Tank Gun (ZIS-2)
Image: 57mm M.1941-1943 (Red Army Photo)
YearJune 1943
Weapon TypeLight Anti-Tank Gun
Origin & DesignerRussia/Grabin
Numbers Produced9.645
Calibre57mm (57x480R)
Elevation-5° to + 25°
BreechAutomatic Vertical Block
Gun SightPP1-2
Gun Mount[@gun_mounts]
CarriageSplit Trail
Gun Shield7mm
Armoured Plate[@armoured_plate]
Barrel Length4.160mm (L/73)
Overall Length7.03m
WeightWeight in Traction: 1.800 kg
Weight in Action: 1.150 kg
Round WeightAP: 319 kg
2.04 kg
Muzzle VelocityAP: 1.040 m/s
HE: 700 m/s
Magazine Capacity[@magazine_capacity]
Practical Rate of Fire[@practical_rate_of_fire]
Rate of Fire[@rate_of_fire]
Maximum Rate of Fire15-25 r.p.m.
Maximum Ceiling[@maximum_ceiling]
Maximum Ground Range[@maximum_ground_range]
Maximum Range8.400m
Armour Penetration95mm @ 90° @ 500m
NotesThe 57mm ZIS-2 anti-tank gun was developed in 1940 and put into production in 1941. Production was halted when the Soviets found that German armour was not as well protected as previously thought and that their 45mm anti-tank guns were adequate for the role. This view however changed when the Panther and Tiger started to make their presence felt and this forced the Soviets to re-start production of the ZIS-2. It was issued to artillery units in infantry regiments and independent anti-tank gun regiments.