Image: PTRD-41 (Wikipedia)
Weapon TypeAnti-Tank Rifle
Origin & DesignerRussia/Degtyaryov
Numbers Produced184.000
Crew2 (Gunner & Loader)
Calibre14.5mm (14.5x114)
Cartridge Weight[@cartridge_weight]
Round Weight988gr (64g)
Barrel Length1.350mm
Overall Length2.020m
Grenade Types[@grenade_types]
Combat Weight17.3 kg
OperationGas Operated/Bolt Action
Cooling System[@cooling]
SightsFront Post & Rear Notch
FeedSingle Shot
Practical Rate of Fire[@practical_rate_of_fire]
Maximum Rate of Fire10 r.p.m.
Blank Cartridge[@blank_cartridge]
Muzzle Velocity1.114 m/s
Fuel Capacity[@fuel_capacity]
Minimum Range[@minimum_range]
Effective Range300m
Maximum Range1000m
Armour Penetration35mm @ 100m @ 0°
NotesThe PTRD-41 (Protivo Tankovoye Ruzhyo Degtyaryova) was the first anti-tank rifle to be issued to the troops in world war two. The Russians had apparently captured a number of Polish anti-tank rifles in 1939 and saw them as a useful weapon in dealing with enemy armour. The PTRD-41 was issued in late 1941 and was found effective at targets under 100m and under. It was a single shot weapon and at close range it could penetrate around 35mm of armour, but by 1942 the Germans had gradually started to increase the armoured thickness of their vehicles and when the Tiger and Panther became available the PTRD virtually obsolete. It was still retained and issued to anti-tank rifles companies.