Swedish Infantry Weapons

The Swedish army equipped its infantry battalions with a home built version of the Mauser rifle, the Mauser was a well designed and reliable weapon. The Ag m/42 was an automatic rifle which was issued in small numbers from 1942. Field officers and NCOs were issued with Finnish designed weapons and these were the Lahti built m/40 pistol and Suomi Kpist m/37-39 sub-machine guns. The standard light machine gun was the FN built Browning (BAR) and further up the scale we had more Swedish built Browning’s in the shape of the Kulspruta m/36 and m/14-29 heavy machine guns. Mortars were issued at platoon level (47mm GrK m/40), company level (81mm GrK m/29) and regimental level (120mm GrK m/41).