American Armoured Cars

US reconnaissance units started out as armoured reconnaissance battalions in the armoured divisions and reconnaissance troops in the infantry divisions and were redesignated as Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons and Cavalry Reconnaissance Troops respectively later in the war. Non-divisional Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons could also be found at Army level, usually attached to a Corps, and controlled by a Cavalry Group headquarters. They were initially equipped with jeeps and M3 scout cars as their main means of reconnaissance, but by early 1943 the new M8 (Greyhound) armoured car had begun to roll off the production line and this was followed later that year by the M20 armoured utility car. The M8 served through WW2 and even saw service in the Korean War. Also squadrons were equipped with a light American tank company, these were initially equipped with M3 and M5 light tanks but by early 1945 these were beginning to be replaced by the excellent M24. The squadron also contained an assault gun troop with two M8 HMCs.