German Wehrmacht Panzer and Panzergrenadier

The German army unveiled their first three panzer divisions in 1935 and these formations were unique in the fact that each division not only contained German tank units but also had its own organic infantry and artillery formations too.

These along with other support units such as Signals, reconnaissance, pioneer, anti-tank, anti-aircraft and supply, gave them the appearance of mini-corps and under the command of officers like Guderian, these panzer divisions could achieve phenomenal results, especially when combined with air power to form the method known as Blitzkrieg in which combined arms and mobility was used to out manoeuvre and out gun their opponents.

In late 1942, infantry regiments within motorised divisions were retitled as grenadier regiments. In June 1943 seven of these motorised divisions were renamed as Panzergrenadier divisions. In September of that year the name Type 43 Panzergrenadier Division was introduced which in turn increased the amount of Panzergrenadier divisions to fifteen by the end of the war.