German Wehrmacht Light and Motorised

Light divisions were formed as a compromise between the cavalry branch and the German high command. They were fully mechanised with vehicles taking the place of the horse and contained a German tank battalion. Four such divisions were formed in 1938 and were quickly up-graded to full panzer divisions after the Polish campaign. Another was formed in 1941 and sent to Africa and also up-graded to panzer division status by the end of that year. Two more formations were formed from ad-hoc units and also classed as light divisions. They both fought in North Africa, but surrendered in 1943 and were not reformed.

In late 1942, infantry regiments within motorised divisions were retitled as grenadier regiments. In June 1943 seven of these motorised divisions were renamed as Panzergrenadier divisions. In September of that year the Type 43 Panzergrenadier Division was introduced which in turn increased the amount of Panzergrenadier divisions to fifteen by the end of the war.