German Self Propelled Artillery

Modern warfare required mobile artillery to keep pace with their mechanised units. The Germans realised this and decided to use the chassis of a light tank, the vehicle chosen was the Panzer II, as by 1942 the Mk. II had become obsolete as a German battle tank. The weapon chosen was the 105mm leFH 18 which was the standard light howitzer found in artillery regiments. The vehicle was named the Wesp (Wasp) and served in light panzer artillery batteries on all major fronts. With the success of the Wesp, it was decided to mount a larger weapon on a larger chassis. The chassis chosen was a merger between the Panzer IV with parts from the Panzer III. The weapon used was the 150mm sFH 18 and the vehicle was named the Hummel (Bumble Bee). Like the Wesp, the Hummel served on all major fronts and was issued to heavy Panzer artillery batteries.